Corey Grand Feat. Freeze-Tag “Love In You”

Low-key and experimental, there’s a definite waft of influence from the Brainfeeder camp, but where FlyLo et-al take their cues from jazz and fusion, it sounds as if Grand owes more to electronic music. ‘Spy’ and ‘Leave (Peace)’ sound like they could have been culled from To Rococo Rot’s innovative early LPs, while ‘Nebu-LA’ isn’t a million miles away from German IDM pioneer Arovane and ‘You.Dont.Know’ sounds like a restrained take on Machinedrum’s rave-indebted footwork experiments. It’s not clear whether the young producer even intended any of these references, or had even heard the artists at all but either way it’s a refreshing look at a genre that’s often mired in a repetition of its own mistakes.

via Fact Mag

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Corey Grand Feat. Freeze-Tag “Love In You”
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