Corey Grand – Miranda Moon

​For those of you who don’t already know, Cleveland is a hot bed for up-and-coming talent. Beat makers, rappers and R&B singers that most SoundCloud junkies and internet music bloggers haven’t written or tweeted about yet are on the cusp of helping Cleveland to surpass Chicago as the center of contemporary urban music from the Midwest. Don’t believe me? Then let me point you to Corey Grand, a Cleveland DJ/producer who is making electronic-tinged hip-hop beats that would make even Dilla proud. Him and his label mates at Long Division Recordings are creating some of the most interesting sounds to emerge from the rust belt’s underground in recent memory.

“Miranda Moon” is Corey’s latest single and part of a yet-to-be-titled project due out via Long Division in late July. The song is a forward thinking hip-hop instrumental that needs no vocals attached to it. It speaks for itself and is only a taste of what the wider Cleveland scene has to offer listeners who dig deeper when searching for new sounds and songs. Don’t be surprised when you find Corey Grand headlining a Low End Theory session in LA sometime soon. If you don’t know, now you know…

- via Live For The Funk | Artwork by King Vada

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