Marcus Alan Ward – Sun Away

Cleveland multi-instrumentalist Marcus Alan Ward (previously known as Freeze-Tag) describes his new single “Sun Away” as “exploring the overarching themes of love at the subatomic level and self realization.”

While that may feel a bit obtuse for some, Ward’s ideas take beautiful shape in the fuzzy, skittering psychedelic sound of “Sun Away,” continuing the ambitious step forward that “You Do” marked in directions less tethered to the expectations of alt-R&B or any other such forced genre classification.

Though the DNA of The Neptunes (particularly as it manifested itself in N.E.R.D.) still feels embedded in Ward’s ideas, the derivation feels loose and more a source of broad inspiration as he continues to build a distinctive sonic identity on “Sun Away.” Get lost in it below.

- via Pigeons&Planes

Last Night I Grew Tentacles is released on 12 August via Long Division. Pre-order the album here.

Album tracklisting:

1: Last Night I Grew Tentacles (A)
2: Shy ( Tunnelling)
3: Like Gold
4: Superposition
5: You Do
6: Sun Away
7: King Carnivore
8: Last Of The Giants: Neptune
9: Light Years
10: God Does Not Play Dice With The Universe
11: No Passing ( Otto & The Atom)
12: Last Night I Grew Tentacles (B) ​​

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Marcus Alan Ward “You Do” Video
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